Production Group Leader

Company Name:
Malace HR
Education Requirements
> Prefer Associates Degree or equivalent experience of at least 3 years in a
> fast paced Production Environment with an emphasis in Stamping &/or Welding
> High school diploma or GED - Minimum
> Proficient Math, Computer, & Communication skills
Experience Requirements
> Demonstrated Leadership, Communication, & Facilitation Skill Sets
> Prefer 2 years as an Area / Production Leader - managing others preferrably in a
fast paced Stamping/Welding Environment.
> Minimum three, (3), years press experience with progressive, &/or transfer dies, &/or
weld assembly processes.
> Towmotor experience lifting dies and heavy loads.
> Demonstrated capability of using measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, gauging, etc)
> Intermediate skills in the use of EXCEL & Microsoft WORD
Training Requirements
> Communication Skills for Managers
> PMA Press Training
> New Hire & Safety Orientation
> TQPS Training
> TS-16949
> ShopEdge training
> Yellow Belt (Six Sigma)
> Drug Free Workplace
> In-Die Sensoring
> Press Associate Baseline Training & Certification
> Available for on & off-site Training as deemed appropriate.
Skill Requirements
> Demonstrated Organization and interpersonal Skills
> Demonstrated writing and computer skills
> Demonstrated leadership skills
> Interest and skill in developing subordinates; recognize individual strengths & weaknesses
> Accountable - Teachable - Approachable
> Able to flex to address changing needs
> Ability to problem solve.
Principal Duties and/or Responsibilities
> Ensure compliance to Safety Policies and Practices
> Ensure 5-S standards are maintained - Daily verification of items on 5S checklist
> Ensure & Enforce the use of Safety Blocks
> Follow the lockout/tagout procedure.
> Keep all safety curtain/guards in place during operation
> Review & submit suggestions to improve the Safety Environment in assigned areas.
> Audit part quality throughout the shift
> Assist associate on first/last off part quality at changeover
> Final visual audit inspection of all parts leaving press area for quality
> Verfiy that containment pans are being used as specified for batch quantities.
> Ensure proper containment procedures are followed when poor quality is detected
> Ensure the Containment Checklist procedures are executed if product becomes contaminated.
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> Allocate manpower as needed to meet production requirements
> Step into Team Leader's role in case of their absence.
> Coordinate shift activities & personnel schedules to maximize throughput in the Area of Responsibility.
> Able to fill-in as needed for any assigned job in the area of responsibility.
> Enter into ShopEdge all Production data accurately, efficiently, and immediately after shift completion.
> Follow the Standard Operating Procedures guidelines - dies/fixtures come out if they are not running
> Suggest methods of improvement, (i.e. Continuous Improvement Plan & A.I. Team
Suggestion Routers)
> Produce & Assist in writing & implementing the area's process production documents, (SOP's),
process related tracking and investigation reports.
> Identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase effectiveness.
> Complete and review production process documents.
> Conduct walk-thru's for confirmation of Associates adherance to daily activities - 5-S, TPM, etc..
> Track Associate time off & attendance - to respond in a timely matter to any related issues.
> Track Associate training & ensure that all associates maintain the expected level of training on
required documents, procedures, & processes.
> Responsible for appraisal & discipline of work team members.
> Hourly review of Production Lean Boards.
> Write & follow-up on Work Orders as needed for repairs in assigned area.
> Assist other Manufacturing requirements as needed.
> Evaluate & Review goals with each Associate; provide feedback, correction, or direction as needed.
> Continuous interaction with associates to drive the TQPS philosophy
(Lean Boards, C/O, A.I. teams, etc)
> Ensure all 31 day charts, 5S checklist, TPM checks, reports, etc. are completed &
replenished as required
> Report all quality, production or safety problems to the Production Manager.
> Find problem - fix problem (Initiate Temporary Process Change when problems can't
be quickly resolved)
> Ensure work orders are submitted for items needing repair in your area
> Assist Group Leaders in tracking all Work Orders, Tooling or Maintenance, for timely & accurate repairs.
> Review and issue die set-up sheets as updated by Team Leaders and Associates.
> Be available for A.I. team meetings as required & requested.
> Ensure adequate information is passed down to on-coming shifts to avoid unnecessary downtime
> 100% commitment to the TQPS principles
> Challenge the status quo.
> Demonstrate a positive attitude/outlook
> Demonstrate strong work ethic, job knowledge, and honesty to gain/keep the respect of associates
> Model and promote teamwork to ensure achievement of objectives
> Good communications skills
> Lead by example
> Capable of lifting 50 pounds
> Work non-routine hours as required to maintain production schedule compliance.
> Assure compliance of self and subordinates with NASG procedures and standards.
> Self-disciplined & self-directed to apply time as value added

Don't Be Fooled

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